Friday, September 16, 2005

Platform of the Falconist Party

Platform of the Falconist Party

Political Reform:

The Falconist Party believes that the oligarchy of the two-party system and interest groups have contributed to the corruption of our political system, apathy in our citizens, and a bureaucracy that is bloated and ineffective in governing America. Therefore, the Falconist Party proposes the following reforms:

#1. Election Reform

  • Any candidate and/or party that submits five million signatures to the Federal Election Commission shall be on the ballot across the entire USA.
  • Any candidate and/or party that makes the national ballot shall receive free airtime, a spot in the Presidential debates, and $10 million in federal matching funds.
  • Election Day shall be moved to Friday and Saturday and the results shall not be announced until 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • Preferential voting will be used to elect public officials.

#2. The federal bureaucracy will be streamlined

  • The Departments of Commerce, Labor, and Transportation will be consolidated into the Department of Trades and Industry.
  • The Department of Interior shall be merged with the EPA, the Department of Energy, and elements of the Department of Agriculture to form the Department of Land.
  • The Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force shall be replaced by a Joint Force Defense Headquarters under the authority of the Minister of War.
  • All federal law enforcement agencies shall be merged into a United States Police Force under the authority of the Homeland Department.
  • All other federal agencies shall be reviewed for re-assignment or termination.

#3. Create additional Vice-President offices

  • Elected Vice-President shall be the Executive V.P.
  • Additional Vice-Presidents shall be appointed for the areas of Economic Policy, Domestic Policy, Operations, and National Security.

#4. Reform the Supreme Court

  • Expand the number of justices from 9 to 15
  • Divide into three separate tribunals

#5. Enact civil service reform to effectively staff public administration

  • The process for hiring people for civil service will be expedited Administrators will have more authority to hire and terminate employment of civil servants
  • Civil service will be made more appealing and rewarding.
  • Inexperienced college graduates will be recruited and trained for careers in civil service.

Constitutional Amendments

While the Falconist Party believes in this U.S. Constitution, the Falconist Party believes that the Constitution must be amended to undo the damage that the previous generations inflicted on our form of government as well as to give the government back to the people. With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following amendments.

  1. The House of Representatives shall be elected every year ending in five or zero by proportional representation; The first 300 seats shall be apportioned among all political parties based on the percentage of popular vote received and the party that wins the most votes shall receive an additional 100 seats; The party that wins the Presidency of the United States shall receive a bonus 35 seats.
  2. The Senate shall be also be elected every year ending in five or zero with 100 seats being apportioned among all political parties based on the percentage of popular vote each party receives.;The party with the most votes shall receive a bonus 25 seats and the party that wins the Presidency shall receive a bonus 5 seats.
  3. The Presidency of the United States shall be elected every year ending in five or zero by direct popular vote.;Any candidate who receives a minimum of 50.1% of the direct popular vote shall be elected President; If no candidate attains 50.1% then a runoff must be held between the top two candidates and whomever wins the most states shall be elected President.
  4. All term limits on federal offices, including those of the President of the United States, are hereby repealed.
  5. Nothing in this Constitution shall prohibit the free exercise of worship in any public institution nor prohibit the use of public funds to support religious institutions.
  6. Flag burning shall be prohibited by this U.S. Constitution.
  7. The citizens of the United States may, through national referendum, make and invalidate laws and treaties of the United States, amend the U.S. Constitution, and set aside Supreme Court decisions. A minimum of 50.1% shall be required for the enactment/invalidation of laws and treaties. A minimum of 60.1% shall be required for the amending of the U.S. Constitution and the setting aside of Supreme Court decisions.
  8. The President shall have line-item veto power.
  9. Marriage in the United States shall be between a man and a woman until death do them part. Divorce shall only be permitted in cases of extenuating circumstances, adultery, abandonment, or abuse.
  10. Public schools shall teach the role that Christianity played in the development of our nation's history, government, and culture.

Economic Policy

While America is the world's chief economic power, America faces a several trillion dollar national debt, a crumbling infrastructure, a crumbling manufacturing base, and numerous other economic problems. The Falconist Party proposes the following programs to rebuild America economically:

#1. A plan to retire the national debt

  • A corporation will be chartered by the federal government and the T-Bills will be converted into shares of stock in this new corporation.
  • A one-time tax of 20% on people whose assets are worth $1million or more will be levied; people may pay this tax in cash, or turn over 20% of the value of their assets to this corporation. This corporation will pay dividends to stockholders from profits generated by these assets or funds.
  • With the retirement of the national debt, we will free $200 billion in interest payments which will fund the rebuilding of America.
  • Any funds and assets exceeding the $7 trillion will be used by the government to rebuild America.

#2. A new tax code consisting of the following

  • A 20% flat income tax with an annual tax credit of $2000 per child ($4000 for those who live in the inner cities).
  • A 20% flat tax on corporations with waivers for reinvestment as well as research, development, and human resources.
  • A 10% Value Added Tax which will replace all state and local taxes
  • Cost-prohibitive taxes on alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and pornography
  • Capital gains and corporate taxes shall be repealed for investment in urban and rural enterprise zones and for investment in research and development, small business, and rebuilding our industrial base.
  • All personal property taxes, estate taxes, and real estate taxes shall be repealed.

#3. Restructuring of the financial system

  • The Federal Reserve shall be replaced by a government owned Bank of the United States which shall be operated by the U.S. Treasury Department.
  • Treasury bills shall be converted into shares of stock in newly charted government corporations that own and operate federally funded bridges, toll roads, utilities, and other infrastructure.

#4. The dedication of 5% of America's GDP to rebuilding America's infrastructure

  • All roads and bridges in the United States shall be rebuilt and revamped
  • A nationwide railroad network carrying Magnalev trains that fly at 300 M.P.H shall be built.
  • A nationwide network of desalination plants, pipelines, canals, and irrigation systems shall be built.
  • A nationwide system of solar and nuclear power plants shall be built.
  • The nation's educational facilities shall be rebuilt, re-tooled and new facilities shall also be built.
  • A Labor Corps administered by the military shall conscript all able-bodied unemployed people to work rebuilding America.
  • The work of rebuilding America will go to both public agencies and private enterprise.
    Government charted corporations will own and operate new assets and taxpayers will also be issued shares of stock in the new corporations.
  • The nation's public housing will also be rebuilt. But ownership of public housing units will be transferred to their residents as soon as possible.
  • Public housing units shall be built for the families of policemen, firefighters, rescue workers, teachers, and other civil servants.

#5. Falconist America shall be a workfare nation

  • All able-bodied unemployed will be put to work building the future of America, defending the homeland, or healing America's wounds.
  • The Falconist state will send qualified and proven people to school to learn new skills to be more productive in the marketplace.
  • Welfare will be reserved for the infirm, the elderly, and those who need a TEMPORARY helping hand.

#6. Repeal the mountains of regulations and red tape strangling small business

#7. Profit-sharing will become the law of the land

#8. Credit will be freed up for investment

#9. Establishment of a U.S. Chamber of Commerce chaired by the Minister of Trade

  • USCoC will emcompass all businesses and workers
  • USCoC will work with DTI to formulate economic policies
  • USCoC will facilitate agreements made between business and labor
  • USCoC will rally business and labor behind key industries for success.

10. Meticiulous regulation will be replaced by broad ranged economic goals.

  • The government will provide aid and incentive to those businesses that strive to meet economic goals.

11. Establish a mentor program to ensure the success of new businesses

  • Retired executives will be paired up with entrepreneurs and start-ups.

12. Shift the burden of social welfare from the government to faith-based charities

13. Replace social security with a national savings-investment plan

14. The government will buy all patents that corporations are holding.

  • Inventions moved to the marketplace ASAP
  • Bank of the U.S. to provide start-up capital to companies building new industries on inventions.

15. Dividends to stockholders will be limited to 5% of a corporation's profits.

  • Corporations will be encouraged to plow profits back into business
  • Stockholder will see dividends rise as production expands and profits rise.

16. Enact policies that will broaden the ownership of large corporations

  • Implement a full-ownership policy as well as a full employment economic policy
  • Every policy pronouncement will be accompanied by an ownership impact report
    Ongoing commercial relationships will be the priority focus for an array of policies design to broaden wealth while improving enterprise performance
  • Government contracts and government granted licenses would favor broadly owned companies.

Natural Resources Policy

God has entrusted man with stewardship of his creation. The last century has seen our farms and forests paved over by suburban sprawl, our energy supplies diminish, the near-extinction of the family farm, and widespread pollution. With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following:

#1. Revive the family farm and small town America by implementing the following

  • Enactment of hereditary farm laws to prevent farm confiscation
  • Allow farmers to pay their taxes in produce
  • End the practice of paying farmers not to plant their crops
  • Have the Department of Resources buy up agricultural surplus for food bank distribution, store for emergencies, and for the purpose of foreign aid.
  • Create Rural Enterprise Zones that will encourage people to open businesses in small town America.
  • Broker a deal with Russia that says for every barrel of Russian oil we receive, they receive five barrels of wheat.
  • Settle more immigrants in small towns in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states.
  • Turn the Rural Electrification Administration into the Rural Internet Administration which will connect all small towns and farms to the internet.

#2. Enact a real energy policy for America

  • Build solar energy farms throughout the Southwestern USA
  • Conduct a crash research and development program in Cold Fusion
  • Construct ten-kilometer satellite solar power stations in low Earth orbit to harness the energy of the sun and beam it to collectors on Earth in the form of microwaves.
  • Mandate and provide federal aid to the auto and oil industries to finance their conversion from a petroleum fueled economy to a hydrogen fueled economy.

#3. Halt suburban sprawl and rebuild our cities

  • State and local governments will be encouraged to buy up undeveloped land
  • Enact Urban Growth Boundraries around metropolitan areas and forbid suburban development outside of those boundraires.
  • Create Urban Enterprise Zones in the inner cities where businesses will be given tab breaks to open up shop.
  • Charter Community development banks in the inner cities to finance re-devlopment of these communities
  • Restore law and order to inner city neighborhoods.

#4. Creation of an Eco-Corps to perform the following tasks

  • Plant 400,000 square miles of forest and carry out numerous conservation projects
  • Clean up all toxic waste sites in America
  • Offer an option for citizens to meet their mandatory federal service requirement

#5. Investor-owned utilities will become partially owned by their customers

#6. All public policies will be designed to multiply natural resource productivity

#7. Access to public lands for development restricted to broadly owned companies

#8. The Departments of Resources will consolidate the following departments

  • Department of Interior
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Energy
  • Environmental Protection Agency

The Military

The Falconist Party party believes that reforms in our great military must be made in order to narrow the gap between the military and civilian world, defend the homeland, and to forfill America's manifest destiny. With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following.

  1. Establish a program of national service and universal military training
  • All Americans above the age of 26 will serve 6-12 months of military service
    After completion of training, citizens will be inducted into the reserves
    Citizens will be issued weapons, ammo, and TA-50
  • All Americans 18-25 will serve four years of federal service with a minimum six months for basic military and skill training. The remaining months may be spent in service as policemen, firemen, rescue workers, missionaries, senior center staff, serving in the inner cities, etc.
  • All who complete federal service will be eligible to a four-year all-expense paid education of a voucher to buy a home or start a business

  1. The following additional corps will be created for healing America's wounds
  • Eco-Corps: Participants in Eco-Corps will plant forests, work on conservation projects, clean up toxic waste sites.
  • Health-Corps: Participants in Health Corps will serve as rescue workers and paramedics and staff 24-hour aid centers in every community. HC participants will also perform services assisting-the-elderly
  • Police Corps: Participants will be trained in law enforcement and assigned to service in the inner cities under local police commanders
  • Peace Corps: This program will be expanded ten-fold for the purpose of nation-building.
  • Freedom Corps: This program will cover all service in nonprofit and faith-based organizations involved in healing America's wounds and social ills.
  • Ghetto Corps: Participants in the Ghetto Corps will perform tasks to clean up and rebuild the inner cities as well as to serve the inhabitants of the inner cities.
  • Edu-Corps: Participants in this program will serve as teachers, teacher's aides, mentors, and service support staff in at-risk schools.

#2. Merge the separate armed services into a United States Defense Force (USDF)

  • The Army and Marine Corps will be merged. Marines will still retain their customs, organizational structure, uniforms, etc. However, the new outfit will control all combat aircraft including strategic bombers hence the elimination of the air force.
  • All nuclear weapons will be turned over to the Navy and the Navy shall keep its air arm.
    The non-combat arms of the military (medical, legal, admin, training) shall be consolidated into one single service-support corps.
  • Two systems of rank: military and naval
  • The separate ROTC and OCS programs of the separate armed services will be merged.

#3. Boot Camp wil be reformed along these lines

  • All boot camps will offer hard, disciplined, single-sexed training
  • There will be three types of boot camp,General boot camp for women and men of limited disability ,Corps boot camp for men going into combat support roles and the Navy, and Marine boot camp for men going into combat arms.

#4. Maintain three types of ground forces

  • Over 200 active infantry, armor, airborne, and marine divisions will be maintained
  • Several hundred maneuverable independent combat brigades and regiments
  • Special operations forces will be expanded ten-fold.

#5. Re-open, rebuild, and expand all military posts across America as well as abroad

#6. Dramatically increase the pay of all military personnel

#7. Build new military bases across America and open more military bases abroad

#8. Establish a 401K plan for all military personnel

#9. Staff service support ranks with combat veterans, women, and disabled people

10. Establish an elaborate civil defense network

11. Tripple the number of people working for the intelligence community

12. Establish a deep and effective worldwide human intelligence network

13. Reduce the amount of time military personnel are deployed from their families

14. Establish a multi-layered and elaborate ballistic missile defense system

15. Overhaul and expand the ROTC and Junior ROTC programs.

  • Home-schooled and students of private and parochial schools that don't allow ROTC will be allowed to cross-enroll in public high school JROTC programs.
  • A Cadet Corps will be created for home-schooled students that will be based around churches.
  • Residential Citizen Military Training Camps will be established for college students that attend schools that don't offer ROTC.

16. Improve the quality of the officer corps

  • All officer candidates must have a minimum of one-year military service as enlisted personnel.
  • All who make E-4 rank will be screened for officer training
  • All enlisted and NCOs who have served at leats ten years in the military and have attained a college degree shall be commissioned.
  • Direct commission officer (JAG, Medical, etc) shall go through Boot Camp and OCS to be commissioned.
  • Expand the scope of command for each rank of officer
  • Expand service academy enrollment to 9,000 students each, increase the age of enrollment to 28 years of age, and draw 50% of enrollment from the enlisted ranks.

17. Reform the procurement process in the Pentagon to reduce procurement costs.

18. Veterans will be appointed high ranking federal appointments

19. End the "move up and out" policy or promotion

  • Being passed up for promotion shouldn't end a military career
  • Officers should be able to refuse promotion to stay close to the troops and retain their military careers.

20. Offset the cost of our military by exacting tribute from protectorates

Law, Justice, and Homeland Security

Terrorism declared war on this country long before the war on terror was declared. It takes the form of local drug dealers, gangs, and violent criminals as well as suicide bombers. The Falconist Party believes in a comprehensive strategy in fighting the war on terror that includes citizens as well as first-responders. The Falconist Party believes int he right and duty of every law-abiding citizen to protect his/her life, liberty, property as well as other people by any means necessary without fear of arrest, lawsuit or criminal prosecution. The right to bear arms is central to maintaining true personal freedom. We believe that the key to maintaining homeland security and reducing crime is the reform of the judicial system, reform of the penal system, rebuilding, reforming, and reorganizing our police forces, and most important of all, revival in our nation. With all this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following.

#1. That weapons are issued to all law-abiding citizens

#2. All citizens are trained in personal protection and homeland defense

#3. Reform of the judicial system along these lines

  • Courtrooms are place where the cold, hard facts are laid out, not places of theatrics.
  • Justice must be fair, but also swift and if necessary, harsh

#4. Enactment of Tort-Reform laws

#5. The death penalty may only be called for on this basis

  • On the basis of DNA evidence
  • On the basis of the testimony of three witnesses, but not necessarily for the same case.
  • A person convicted of three violent crimes shall be automatically executed.

#6. The sentences of first-time offenders shall be commuted to terms of military service

#7. All federal law enforcement agencies shall be merged into a U.S. Police Force (USPF)

  • USPF will be under the command of a U.S. Chief of Police
  • The USPF chief shall report to the Minister of Homeland
  • The USPF shall maintain the federal correction system
  • The USPF will operate the U.S. Police Corps

#8. Prisons will be reformed along these lines

  • Faith-based rehabilitation programs will be in place
  • Prisoners will earn their keep
  • Petty offenders will work for the people they wronged
  • Prisoners must complete skill training and an education to be released
  • Petty offenders will be segregated from violent criminals
  • Prisons will be designed for rehabilitation as well as punishment
  • Increase the number of guards and corrections officers by 10-fold
  • Eradicate jailhouse violence

#9. Issue block grants to state and local governments to expand police forces

10. Arm the police to the teeth, overwhelm criminals with overwhelming force

11. Hire more judges and prosecutors, expand courtrooms to hear more cases

12. Put one million more policemen on the street

13. Put one million more fire and rescue personnel on duty.

14. Improve the compensation for all policemen, firefighters, and rescue workers

15. First-responders will be exempt from military service

16. Reduce the number of lawyers in private practice

  • Draft lawyers into services as judges, magistrates and prosecutors
  • Draft lawyers into the USDF and USPF
  • Offer a cash reward for any lawyer who permanently leaves the legal profession

Educational Policy

The lack of education is one of the root causes of America's decline and a critical element to rebuilding America in every aspect as well as in fulfilling her manifest destiny. An effective system of education must stress hard discipline along with the arts, sciences, basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics; must teach fairness and respect; teach the dignity of labor; and teach the sanctity of family. With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following.

#1. Fund all public, private, parochial, and home-schooling institutions

  • Home-schooling parents to receive vouchers
  • Schools will be forbidden to charge additional tuition and fees
  • Boarding schools to receive additional funding for the room and board of students.

#.2 Establish a "Flying Leap" program to supersede head start

  • Parents will be able to enroll children in preschool at six months of age
  • Parents will be able to enroll children in kindergarten at three years of age
  • Three more grades will be tacked on to public schools

#3. Religion will return to public schools

  • Parents will have the option of choosing if their kids will learn evolution or creation science.
  • Schools will begin the day with a moment of silence
  • Bible clubs will be allowed to organize on campus

#4. A national curriculum and examination system will be established

  • All students graduating with a HS1 diploma must pass the IB or AP exams
  • All students graduating with a HS2 diploma must complete a course of instruction resulting in a marketable skill.
  • New B.S. will equal the current M.S. Degree
  • New M.S. will equall the all-but dissertation graduate schooling

#5. Public high school sizes will be reduced to 1000 students each

  • Shift the lions share of educating youth to private, parochial, and home schooling institutions.
  • Build more high schools to reduce high school size
  • Smaller schools will mean more individuality and opportunities for students
  • Class sizes will be reduced to ten students each.

#6. Raise the salaries of public school teachers

  • Teachers with B.A./B.S. degrees will start at $35K/annually
  • Teachers with M.A/M.S/MPA/MBA will start at $50K/annually
  • Teachers with M.D/J.D/PhD will start at $80K/annually
  • Salaries for teachers with degree in engineering and the physical sciences will be doubled.
  • Hazard pay for teachers who teach in the inner cities.
  • School administrators will start at $100K./annually

#7. The Department of Education will issue teaching licenses that are universally valid

#8. Recognize exceptional teachers, school administrators, and school staff members

#9. Make a university education accessible to all through a radically expanded GI Bill

10. Financial aid for students who pursue graduate degree in the following areas

  • Engineering, mathematics and the natural sciences
  • Medicine, health and computer sciences
  • Education, especially special education

11. Establish engineering schools at all liberal arts colleges

Immigration policy

The Falconist Party believes America was built on immigration and immigration will be critical to the future of America. We believe that we must curtail illegal immigration and maximize the legal immigration of all immigrants who will contribute to the future of America. Therefore, the Falconist Party proposes the following.

#1. That the borders of this nation are fortified and patrolled

#2. That a new system of immigration is implemented

  • All immigrants above the age of 18 must serve a minimum of one year of military service for basic military and citizenship training.
  • All immigrants will be under probation for five years and told where to live and work in America.
  • All immigrants will be paid a decent wage, live in clean, well maintained quarters, have full use of medical facilities, and have their children tutored by Edu-Corps
  • Upon acquiring a HS1/HS2 diploma, demonstrating proficiency in English, and completion of military training, immigrants may become citizens of the USA
  • Immigrants may opt to serve a four-year stint in the military and qualify for the GI Bill.
    An unlimited number of people may immigrate into the USA annually

#3. Adoption of foreign children by American families will be greatly encouraged

#4. The government will subsidize the relocation expenses of legal immigrants

Health Care

The Falconist Party believes that a system of universal health insurance where patients have their choice of doctor, payment, and treatment must be created in America. This is what the Falconist Party proposes in the area of health care.

#1. Aid stations operating 24-7 will be established in every community

  • Highly trained paramedics and Health Corps personnel will staff aid stations
  • Aid stations will provide free basic medical care, prenatal care, immunizations
  • Aid stations will free emergency rooms for real emergencies
  • Emphasis on preventive medicine

#2. A government health care plan will cover all uninsured Americans,

#3. All Americans will retain their choice of doctor, treatment, and payment method.

#4. Mandatory medical savings accounts will be established for all Americans

  • All Americans will have 1% of their income invested in a Medical Saving's Account
  • Citizens will use funds in their MSAs to purchase health insurance

#5. Every citizen will be issued health care vouchers of $10K each to purchase health care.

#6. Conduct crash R&D programs in the following areas

  • Nanotechnology
  • Cures for every major disease and epidemic today
  • Cybernetic limbs, joints, and organs
  • Bloodless surgery techniques
  • Cures for physical and mental disabilities

#7. A national health board will be chartered to control health care costs

Family Policy

The Falconist Party believes that the institution of family is the basic building block of society and its destruction is one of the root causes of America's decline. The Falconist Party proposes the following programs and actions to rebuild the American family
#1. Families to receive an annual tax credit of $2000 per child

#2. Establish an infrastructure to reduce abortion in America

  • Provide free counseling, shelter and support to women with unwanted pregnancies
  • Offer options such as adoption or raising the child themselves

#3. Outlaw abortion in America once the infrastructure is set up
#4. Cost-prohibitive taxes on alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and pornography

#5. Institute a national "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

  • What people do behind closed doors is their own business
  • People who advertise their immorality will face the consequences

#6. Repeal no-fault divorce laws

#7. Launch a national campaign to encourage adoption, especially of older children

#8. Deny permits for businesses to open shop in the gambling, alcohol, or sex industries

#9. Businesses engaged in pornography will be bought out and dismantled

10. Terminate state lotteries and outlaw gambling wherever its possible

Race and culture

The Falconist Party believes that all people are created in the image of God with certain inalienable rights. The Falconist Party will fight for all people of color against the forces that seek to divide our society along racial or ethnic lines. Racial intolerance has no place in a truly free society. Therefore, the Falconist Party proposes the following.

#1. Work to extend equality of opportunity to all people of color and background

#2. Repeal all quotas on immigration.

#3. Immigrants from all nations will be treated equally

#4. Affirmative action should be repealed. Right problem, wrong solution.

  • Martin Luther King said people should be judged on the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

Church and State

The Falconist Party recognizes the freedom of people to follow any theistic or anti-theistic belief so long as they don't hurt themselves or other people. Regardless, the Falconist Party believes that we must return to traditional values and faith if we are to continue to enjoy the freedom and prosperity that the United States of America has enjoyed since its creation. With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following:

#1. Schools will offer courses in comparative religion, ethics, and courses in major faiths.

#2. Faith-based clubs will be permitted to organize on campus

#3. Parochial educational institutions shall not be denied public funding

#4. The church will assume the lion's share of providing social services

#5. The church will assume the lion's share of fighting the war on poverty

#6. Service as missionaries shall be an option for mandatory national service

DC Statehood

The Falconist Party sees Washington as the capital of the world. Here is the Falconist Plan to rebuild Washington D.C. into a city worthy of being such.

#1. Creation of a Metro State of Washington (MSW)

  • The MSW will include Washington D.C. Proper, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia
  • The city of Washington itself shall include Arlington County, Virginia and Alexandria, Virginia.
  • The people of the MSW shall elect a Prefect and a council to govern the MSW
  • The U.S. Park Police, U.S. Capitol Police, and the police forces of DC and the suburban municipalities shall be merged into the MPDC and its organization, structure, and leadership shall be determined by the Homeland Department.
  • Washington D.C. shall be subject to a gargantuan rebuilding effort.
  • An Urban Growth Boundary shall surround the MSW border
  • The states of Virginia and Maryland shall be compensated for the loss of the suburban counties surrounding Washington D.C.

Foriegn Policy

The Falconist Party seeks to defend America's sovereignty from the UN and other world powers such as China, the European Union, and Islam. The Falconist Party also believes that America has been blessed with the wealth and power it has to right the wrongs of the world. With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following:

#1. Withdraw from the UN, WTO, NAFTA and GATT

#2. End America's promotion of zero-population growth

#3. Eliminate worldwide tyrants, despots, and dictators who brutalize their own people

#4. Military action will be taken in Sudan, Liberia, and all other areas of genocide

#5. Expand Israel's borders to include the following areas

  • Israel proper and the West Bank
  • Lebanon and Syria
  • Siani Peninsula
  • America will fund the voluntary relocation of all the world's Jews to Israel

Manifest Destiny

America is historically, an expansionist nation. The Falconist Party believes that the United States of America has a manifest destiny to unite the world under the banner of the stars and stripes, the currency of the U.S. Dollar, the prosperity of free-enterprise, the government of the U.S. Constitution, and the name of the United States of Terra. America also has a manifest destiny to lead the people of Terra (Earth) into the colonization of the oceans and the colonization of space, fulfilling Terra's manifest destiny.With this in mind, the Falconist Party proposes the following:

#1. Begin the colonization of the oceans by implementing the following measures

  • Utilize the process of building aircraft carriers to build components of floating cities.
  • Design, research, and build self-sufficient undersea communities

#2. Fund a full-blown program of space colonization

  • Fund crash research and development programs in the research, development, and design of ion engines, space-planes, and heavy lift launch vehicles.
  • Fund the immediate colonization of the Moon
  • Fund the construction of the Space Elevator
  • Establish a permanent colony on Mars within the next 25 years
  • Fund the research, development, design, and construction of free floating space settlements in low Earth orbit.
  • Establishment of ten-kilometer wide sattelite solar power stations in low Earth orbit to supply the world's energy needs.
  • Establishment of a vast array of solar mirrors to diver solar heat from the equatorial regions to the polar regions of Earth.
  • Establishment of space-based industries that will create new products, new industries, and new jobs.
  • Fund the terraforming of Mars and Venus
  • Fund the design and construction of the Orion Spacecraft
  • Establish a multi-layered defense system against missiles and asteroids

#3. Upgrade Puerto Rico and current U.S. Territories to states ASAP

  • The number of stars on the flag will be frozen at fifty, but the number of states will be increased.
  • Afghanistan and Iraq will be offered U.S. Statehood

#3. Overhaul and expand the U.S. Peace Corps to include the following

  • Prosperity Corps to train Americans for missions abroad that implement best-practice development programs
  • Culture Corps to send Americans abroad to share our culture with others
  • A "Nation-Building" corps to provide personnel equipped with the ability to rebuild nations and prepare them for U.S. Statehood.
  • Establish a "Nation-Building" Agency to direct the rebuilding of nations.

#4. Encourage and aid the church to recruit, train and deploy missionaries worldwide

#5. First unify North and South America under the Stars and Stripes.

  • Each Canadian province will be offered U.S. Statehood
  • Greenland will be purchased from Denmark
  • Cuba and Haiti will be liberated and admitted into the union
  • All Latin American nations will be offered U.S. territorial status and ten-years later, U.S. Statehood.

#6. Eventually offer each nation on the planet U.S. Statehood

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Welcome to a new Falconist Party blog

Here is the new blog for the Falconist Party. We did have blogs at and However, were experiementing with different blog formats to see which would best reach the American people with our message and hear from the American people the ideas they propose to modify our platform and rebuild our nation.